Sunday, June 26, 2011

Zlata Cake

Okay, well, this is the first cake made by me that I will post on my Blog. I call it the Zlata cake, named after the sweet little parakeet of my girlfriend that died way to young yesterday.

For me this was the first time to make a cake fully covert with Marzipan and I think is ended up pretty well.

The Marzipan layer on th cake it self is very thin Lilla colored vanilla flavored Marzipan. And the flowers are made out of white colored Mars mellow flavored Marzipan.

To make the flowers I used the Veined Sunflower Gerbera & Daisy of PME ARTS & Crafts. The cutter result is really pretty and its easy to use and give a great result.

They are really fun to work with and it was hard for me to stop making them, but I guess that is already visible by looking at the amount of flowers I put on the cake. Also they are easy to clean because they can be take apart.

I personally think think these shapes are really great since they give such a great result and save me a lot of time decorating cakes and the price I payed for them is really nothing compared to the result they give.

Well thats pretty much it for now, the next time when I have more time I will ad more photos and more detailed information about the next cake.

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  1. It was a very special and delicious cake! Thank you so much!!!